Zumo takes the stage to talk about building the next generation crypto platform at DigiAssets 2024.

Crypto: the challenge and the opportunity


Crypto needs regulated, sustainable pathways for accessing digital asset investments.


Over £5.5 trillion of wealth transfer is expected in the coming decades. Gen Z investors are more likely to own crypto than they are stocks. And around a third of UK adults have personally bought cryptocurrency or know someone else who has.


At the same time, consumers, cautioned by prominent failures including the likes of FTX, Celsius and BlockFi, have become increasingly clear on what it is they want in a crypto solution: brand reputation; guaranteed security and trust; and fit-for-purpose customer education and support.


Acknowledging these priorities, mainstream providers are perfectly placed – and actively stepping in – to fill the trust gap.


Leveraging their brand reputation, track record, and customer-centric approach, these players offer a sense of security and reliability to investors.


By partnering with crypto specialist providers, they build the gateways that unlock digital asset investment at unprecedented scale.


A case in point was this year’s approval of bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds in the US, with names such as BlackRock and Fidelity easily drawing in billions of assets under management within weeks of going live.


And what’s happening in the funds space is happening in every segment: in private wealth; in retail banking; in asset management; in family offices; and in fintech


A partner for the digital asset future


Out of this comes the Zumo mission: to be the strategic partner that creates easy to use and fully compliant financial tools, so that digital assets are adopted by the many and used in total peace of mind, every day.


For businesses wishing to become the new gateways to compliant, secure and sustainable digital asset investment, the Zumo platform brings the licensed, hard-to-come-by, crypto-enabling services that allow our partners to roll out crypto products to their end user base with confidence.


As a Financial Conduct Authority registered, multi-award-winning platform with a track record enabling the buy, hold and sell of crypto assets, we solve the biggest challenges in crypto.


The aim: to provide the fully managed service and regulator verified route to market that non-crypto-native partners can rely on to enable digital asset solutions that are robust, compliant, inclusive and sustainable.


We have been delivering crypto investment services since 2020, as trusted by over 65,000 end customers. Zumo’s financial promotions and travel rule compliant platform has been a pioneer in compliance-first development, as well as its award-winning Oxygen mitigation solution for tackling the carbon footprint of digital assets.


We know that next-gen consumers are looking for more than just banking. With our global hands-on experience targeting Gen Z, Zumo works to deliver the socially and economically responsive end user experience crypto consumers are looking for – while still making crypto profitable for service providers.


The case for now

Historically, the sticking point with crypto has been finding the solution appropriate to mainstream participants’ operational requirements and risk management. Today, however, the technology components available have advanced significantly with regard to digital asset custody, solutions for safeguarding, liquidity access and management for exchanges, and slick/seamless UX and onboarding.  


The best-in-class of these solutions now have a considerable track record of serving customer bases successfully. Most importantly, the solutions exist to combine all these elements into one unified, embedded service.


From a regulatory standpoint, the world’s first crypto-bespoke regulatory framework goes into effect this year with the EU’s MiCA legislation; while the UK has a communicated and actively progressing regulatory roadmap to full authorisation and regulation of cryptoasset activities.


Having a conversation about crypto no longer means going out on a regulatory limb.


And finally, ongoing product innovation, all the way from embedded tech-based compliance monitoring to crypto carbon solutions, continues to enrich the customer experience while providing robust answers to service providers’ needs. 


This, we believe, presents a window of opportunity for providers to be exploring in seriousness the opportunities that a digital assets integration might present for their business.


Collaboration will be key, and we look forward to continuing to build the platform and partnerships towards a more inclusive and sustainable financial future.