Announcing Zumo’s journey to net zero by 2030.

At Zumo, we believe crypto and the blockchain will help generations regain control over their financial futures – but we don’t believe it should come at the cost of the planet.

Today, we’re proud to share with you some of the first steps we are taking towards a net zero future.

Calling all Zero Heroes

For the next three months, whenever you buy bitcoin in the Zumo app, you’re guaranteed that any electricity consumption linked with creating that bitcoin is compensated via verified Renewable Energy Certificates – transparently and permanently recorded on the blockchain – that prove your Bitcoin is backed by 100% clean energy.

Curious to find out more about making the greener choice for your crypto finances? Get involved and become one of our Zero Heroes today.

“As our industry matures, we have the unique opportunity to ensure we develop the products and behaviours that will drive a greener future. And we’re determined to play our part in setting a positive example and showcasing what industry-wide decarbonisation could look like.”

Kirsteen Harrison, Zumo Environmental and Sustainability Adviser

Zumo Zero: our net zero strategy

Building directly on our recent research report – Decarbonising crypto: the state of play – we’re also delighted to unveil Zumo Zero, our new net zero strategy that outlines the wider net zero ambitions underpinning our latest activity.

Zumo Zero presents a holistic three-pillar net zero strategy, encompassing not only our own carbon footprint, but the carbon footprint of the blockchains we work with and the wider ecosystem too.

We’ve committed to an extremely ambitious target of net zero by 2030, and will continue to work to find ways to actively reduce our footprint wherever we can.

To find out more, view the full details on our net zero strategy page here.

Where next?

When it comes to crypto, we’re certain that progress mustn’t come at the cost of the Earth. We need your help to build a more sustainable, more inclusive world. And we’re excited to bring you the green alternatives and sustainable choices that allow you to participate in a new economy – and look after our planet.

With this net zero strategy, we’ve put sustainability and sustainable practices at the core of what we do and will do over the coming years in the belief that, together, we can make a difference.

As we move forwards, we’ll aim to remain fully transparent with you about everything we’re doing and how we’re progressing – and to keep abreast of what we’re up to, you can refer back to our newly created sustainability hub at any time.

Here’s to delivering actionable applications for a better, greener tomorrow.