Meet the new Zumers! Our team is growing, and we've got some exciting, not to mention ambitious plans in store for the rest of the year.

The Zumo team is growing!

1 June was a special day at Zumo HQ in Edinburgh, with no fewer than 5 new starts joining us on the same day (which we think must be a company record!)

With some exciting, not to mention ambitious plans in store for the rest of the year, we’re absolutely delighted to welcome Jack, Rohan, Yuriy, Mihaela and Daniel as the newest additions to the Zumo team. They join the further three new hires that have boosted the Zumo team by eight people in the first six months of the year. Welcome all!

Jack and Yuriy join Zumo as Compliance and Onboarding Analyst respectively, bolstering our compliance team and helping us serve our growing user base. Followers on our social media channels say hello to Mihaela, who joins us to provide social media customer support, while Rohan joins on the commercials side as Financial Analyst. As for me, I’m Daniel, your freshly inducted content and communications lead, and you can expect to see more of me in and around the Zumo blog!

We’re also pleased to have provided three of our new positions through the government Kickstart scheme, a UK government-backed scheme that links young people with local employers to complete paid 6-month placements. If you’re looking for an opportunity with a fast-growing fintech company, be sure to ask for a referral from your job centre work coach as we still have a few openings available here at Zumo.

Quite apart from anything else, the start of the month was also the perfect opportunity for the team to come together and, for many, make acquaintances previously limited to the Zoom screen.

Amidst the fist bumps and array of (appropriately socially distanced) greetings was the periodic appearance and disappearance of the office hound for the day – courtesy of our CPO – and the discovery that, try as one might, it’s not so easy to guess someone’s height from just a video call!

Meanwhile, the marketing team wasted no time in conveying itself for a ‘working lunch’ to local eatery Tapa – much to be recommended! – and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be able to catch up in person for the first time in a long while.

All in all, it was great to have a significant portion of the Zumo team all together again, and able to enjoy each other’s company. There was a lot going on – and a lot to discuss! – and we very much look forward to updating you on some of those developments over the months to come.


Are you a young person aged 16-24 interested in working for Zumo? Ask for a referral from your job centre work coach to find out more about job opportunities through the Kickstart scheme.

Zumers congregate at Zumo HQ in Leith, Edinburgh