The next evolution of the Zumo experience

Cleaner, clearer, faster. Say hello to the redesigned Zumo App, your simple, secure, and always beautiful gateway to the crypto world.


Introducing Zumo 4.0
When we launched Zumo, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve. Zumo should be easy to use for everyone, regardless of their crypto knowledge or experience. The app should be secure, with funds held on the blockchain and accessible only by you. And our goal was to become a regulated business, with the security that comes from being one of the few digital asset businesses that is located and regulated in the UK.

We launched the first version of Zumo into the app stores in October 2019, and since then there have been over 500 builds of the app (not all of these were published!). The result this week is Zumo 4.0, which is the culmination of more than six months’ work to improve our existing functionality and prepare Zumo for Web3.

What we will cover in this article:

  • Why we redesigned Zumo 4.0
  • What’s new
  • What’s next

Attention existing users, when you update your app you will be logged out and need to log back in using your password or back-up phrase. So please remember to make a note of them if you haven’t already!


Why we redesigned Zumo 4.0
We take our mission statement of smart money for everyone very seriously, so we started the redesign of Zumo 4.0 with the things we wanted to keep. We agreed that Zumo 4.0 should continue to be easy to use by anyone, regardless of their crypto knowledge. Zumo should always be secure and we should be able to build on our existing platform to help connect you to the new digital economy.

Features we wanted to add with 4.0 were:

App performance, specifically around load times and transaction notifications
The ability for us to add more tokens and exchange pairs
Removing network trading fees
The ability to connect Zumo into other Web3 projects and applications

What’s new
The first thing to note with Zumo 4.0 is that we have streamlined the global navigation to three options: Home, Smartfolio and Exchange.


The home screen is your snapshot of the status of your digital assets and the market. Click on the GBP or Crypto balance and you are taken straight to your wallet. Market prices show you which assets are up or down and let you go straight to making an exchange. Your recent activity shows recent transactions across all assets and you can access your profile and settings from the top right corner.


The Zumo Smartfolio is your snapshot of how your assets have performed over time, and what they are worth today. It’s also the starting point to access your Zumo Visa card and your crypto wallets.


The Zumo exchange is your starting point to check market activity and buy and sell your digital assets. With our 0.5% flat exchange rate regardless of trade size, Zumo remains one of the most cost effective places to buy and sell Bitcoin and ETH. We’ll soon be adding custodial trading, which will remove network fees entirely. We will always retain our customers’ non-custodial wallets, which means you will get the best of both custodial and non-custodial access.


What’s next
One of the biggest things that Zumo 4.0 will allow us to do is add the features and services that our customers have been asking for. In the next weeks and months we will be developing:

  • Improved Send functionality, allowing you to easily send and request funds
  • Improved onboarding, allowing you to verify your account faster
  • Custodial accounts, removing network fees from trading
  • Additional tokens and exchange pairs
  • Connectivity into Web3 projects
  • NFT storage and management
  • Apple and Google Pay support for your convertible Visa card

As a team we’d like to thank all our customers and supporters for continuing to support and use Zumo. We are building Zumo for everyone and your feedback is important to us, so if you have thoughts on how Zumo 4.0 works, how we can improve existing functionality and features you’d like to see, get in touch!