The Zumo Virtual card is now live! This latest feature allows you to convert your Bitcoin and Ether to traditional GBP(£), before making purchases online.

You asked for it, and we delivered: the Zumo Virtual card is now live! With the launch of the Zumo Virtual card we’re able to add a new level of convenience for our users. This latest feature allows you to convert your Bitcoin and Ether to traditional GBP(£), before making purchases online.

As great as crypto is – the borderless transactions, the inherent privacy, the lack of intermediaries – the convenience of managing both traditional money, and smart money from one place can’t be denied. With the launch of the Zumo Virtual Card, you’re able to switch from pounds to cryptocurrencies and back, before spending online – it’s as easy as that.

The idea of spending crypto is certainly gaining mainstream attention particularly after Tesla confirmed that it would start accepting bitcoin for its electric vehicles. It seems inevitable that more global companies will follow suit. Here in Scotland, not far from Zumo HQ, a music school recently started accepting crypto for tuition payments. “It’s just about giving our customers another way of paying and making life easier for them,” said the school’s director. We couldn’t agree more.

How do I get my Zumo Virtual card?

Our Zumo app has a wide range of options when it comes to cryptocurrency, whether you’re looking to buy, sell, hold or spend your cryptocurrency. In order to obtain your Zumo Virtual card, it couldn’t be easier.

First, simply open your Zumo app and select which account you would like, you have two options here:

The basic free account

This is our current, free Zumo App, where you’re able to access our digital wallets (Bitcoin, Ether and GBP). This crypto wallet and payment platform allows you to buy, sell, store, exchange and send cryptocurrency.

The Zumo Virtual card

This is where our virtual card comes in. By selecting access to a virtual card, it enables you to do all of your purchasing online; simply, safely and securely. Our Zumo Virtual card lets you toggle between fiat and crypto, exchanging one for the other in-app: this means you can spend your money wherever Visa is accepted. To use this account, there is a small fee of £2 per month, or a £20 annual fee.

The ability to instantly exchange traditional currencies into crypto and vice versa is something we know our users will appreciate, and with the Zumo Virtual debit card, we’re one step closer to making smart money the new normal.

What’s new?

We’ve got some exciting new design features arriving with our latest update – to see your statement, you can now simply pull down, or refresh, the screen under each wallet. Here you’ll see your latest statements, exchanges and updates.