Catch up on all the action from Zumo HQ in Edinburgh - May 2021 Edition

It’s been a bright and busy month here at Zumo as we push forward on our mission to help people around the world get comfortable with crypto. Summer hasn’t quite begun – but winter has definitely ended. Zumo has been out in the sunshine (and the rain) as well as speaking to some of our favourite influencers online. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the month of May.

Virtual Card – Real Progress

We’re proud of our crypto wallet, which is an easy-to-use way to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin and Ether. Now we’ve given our users the exciting new ability to convert their crypto holdings into British pounds (GBP) and then spend anywhere online that accepts Visa.

You can find out more about the Zumo Virtual Card here. We’ve also got a little not-so-secret bit of gossip for you too: we’re also launching a physical convertible debit card this year which will allow you to spend at shops in the real world.

Talking Crypto

The people of Zumo have been getting out and about on the internet to meet some of our favourite influencers. Dagmara Aldridge, COO, spoke on Harrington Starr’s Women of Fintech podcast, where she discussed diversity, driving industry change and building a great career.

Amelie Arras, our marketing director, has already made waves after travelling across the US in 2017 using only Bitcoin. She appeared on Jim Duffy and Jordan Walker’s excellent podcast, The Crypto Standard to discuss her work at Zumo and the wider crypto space.

We love to talk crypto, so contact if you’d like to meet one of the team.

Getting Back To Nature For Mental Health Week

Here at Zumo, we’re passionate believers in the transformative power of crypto and its ability to build a fairer, more inclusive global economy.

But we haven’t forgotten about issues that are closer to home and are passionate about raising awareness of mental health.

Lockdown has been a difficult time for a lot of people, particularly those who don’t have gardens or green space nearby. To mark Mental Health Week, our staff got out into nature in the beautiful environs of Edinburgh. You can see pictures of our adventures below.

Learn How To Zumo

It’s never been easier to get started with crypto. If you want to learn more about how to join the smart money revolution, head to our YouTube page for some straightforward video guides on how to use Zumo.

We cover the basics on how to buy and sell crypto as well as expert-grade tips on getting the best out of Zumo.

Free Crypto!

The Zumo Refer and Share programme is coming back and it will be better than ever. We’ll reveal all next month, so make sure to check back in to see how you can earn some free crypto.

The Best is Yet To Come…

We’re already making some post-pandemic plans for in-person events to celebrate the launch of our Virtual Card. Stay tuned for more information and we’ll see you in June for more Zumo news…