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How to understand ETH transactions
What is Ethereum and how can I buy, sell and exchange it? Understand all there is to know about ETH transactions with our refer and share rewards programme.
How to use price alerts in the Zumo app
Set up handy alerts that notify you when the price of Bitcoin or Ether reaches a certain level.
Introducing Zumo 2.12
Price alerts now available in-app
Meet the new Zumers
Meet the new Zumers! Our team is growing, and we've got some exciting, not to mention ambitious plans in store for the rest of the year.
Should I invest in crypto?
Questions to ask yourself before buying your first coins
Stablecoins: an intro guide
What’s a stablecoin and why would you use one?
Walking for WasteAid
Team Zumo gets involved in support of our partner charity WasteAid.
WasteAid fundraising update
What we achieved together supporting WasteAid in 2021.
Welcome to Zumo 4.0
The next evolution of the Zumo experience
What is smart money?
The world is looking for a payment solution that is quick, easy to use, inexpensive and that cuts out unnecessary middlemen.
What is the Ethereum merge?
A quick-fire Zumo FAQ on the upcoming Ethereum network upgrade
What you need to know about crypto and tax 2021/22
An information pack to help you fulfil your UK tax obligations

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