Zumo Money


What’s going on in crypto?
An update on the market, and the Zumo promise
Where next for NFTs?
A look behind the buzzword at the NFT phenomenon.
Which Bitcoin? A beginner’s guide to Bitcoin forks
Did you know there's more to Bitcoin than Bitcoin? Find out more about some of Bitcoin’s key spin-offs including Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV
Zumo – January 2021 update
The roaring success of our first major referral campaign closed a landmark year for team Zumo. We have started 2021 as we intend to go on - here are some of this month's notable events.
Zumo 3.0 is here – meet the Zumo virtual card & co
The Zumo Virtual card is now live! This latest feature allows you to convert your Bitcoin and Ether to traditional GBP(£), before making purchases online.
Zumo App year-in-review 2022
Highlights and successes of 2022
Zumo trading update
An FAQ guide for the current market environment.
Zumo monthly update: year end 2021
FCA registration, wow moments in blockchain - and happy holidays to all.
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in September 2021?
Communicating crypto, taking action on decarbonisation and a warm welcome to 12,000 new Zumers
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in October?
Climate action, a further award shortlisting, and looking ahead to the festive season.
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in June 2021?
New faces, a new app release and a brand new in-app crypto, Bitcoin SV (BSV). Here's what we’ve been up to in June 2021.
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in July?
Refer & Share 2.0, more new faces and a fresh out-of-home advertising campaign.

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