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Zumo monthly update: January 2022
New strategic advisers, building with Zumo, and ambitious scaling plans for 2022.
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in August?
Marking milestones, financial literacy and a team effort for a good cause.
Simpler, faster payments with Zumo 3.3
Topping up your Zumo pound account is quicker and easier than ever before thanks to our new, open banking enabled payment initiation service.
Zumo: a year in review
One year on from our seed funding, find out more about our 100X user growth and other highlights from the past year.
Bringing Zumo to you
Stay connected with new live chat and marketing push notification features.
Zumo monthly update: what’s new in May?
Catch up on all the action from Zumo HQ in Edinburgh - May 2021 Edition
Zumo become 4th signatory to the global crypto climate accord
Joining worldwide open-source network established to support & accelerate industry-wide decarbonisation through collective effort.
How to restore your Zumo cryptocurrency wallet
Our non-custodial wallet gives you full control over your cryptocurrencies. Understand how to restore your crypto wallet with Zumo.
What is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet?
What is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, and are there benefits to using one? Discover all there is to know about non-custodial wallets.
New money for a new year: Zumo 2021 Q1 update
With Bitcoin, Ether and alt-coins surging to new all-time highs, new investors are flocking to the market to join the gold rush.
Zumo helps support WasteAid on Earth Day
Zumo has announced a further commitment of £3,000 to supportthe work of WasteAid charity in its pursuit of building a cleaner and healthier future
Understanding cryptocurrency: what is Ethereum?
Our Cryptocurrrency guide highlights the common questions, "How does Ethereum work?" "Is Ethereum secure?" and "How to invest in Ethereum".

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