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Understanding decentralised finance
What is decentralised finance? Our team help you understand what decentralised finance is, why it exists, where it exists, and how to participate.
What is Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin, and how does cryptocurrency work? Discover more about how to buy, sell and hold bitcoin with our secure, UK wide bitcoin wallet
Crypto isn’t cryptic anymore
Why does crypto have to be cryptic? Our CEO, Nick speaks with Emma, the amazing host of the CTRL ALT DELETE podcast to demystify some concepts around cryptocurrency.
How to cash out your cryptocurrency
Although it’s a relatively simple process, there are many different ways of cashing out
How to calculate network fees when sending Bitcoin and Ethereum
How to calculate network fees when sending BTC and ETH: In this short guide, we’ll help you better understand the blockchain fee process
What to do if you lose your crypto wallet
If you’re new to crypto, the prospect of losing your wallet can inspire a sense of terror. We're here to help you.
How to verify your identity on Zumo
Verify your account to get the most out of Zumo
10 powerful women at the cutting edge of fintech
Zumo presents 10 powerful women at the cutting edge of fintech of 2021
How to buy and sell Bitcoin with Zumo
How to buy and sell Bitcoin: Our guide to buying, selling, storing, sending, and spending your Bitcoin wit Zumo's crypto wallet
How to use the Zumo Smartfolio
Your smart money deserves a smart portfolio

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