Now, Zumo App customers can exchange crypto within the app, and instantaneously use that money to purchase things online

With the launch of their virtual card, Zumo has made it possible for their users to buy online using their crypto wallet. Until now, to realise the spending power of their Bitcoin, users would have needed to go through a variety of steps to sell bitcoin and transfer it back to a ‘normal’ bank account. Now, Zumo customers can exchange bitcoin within the app, and instantaneously use that money to purchase things online.

Speaking about this landmark moment for the brand, CEO Nick Jones said:

“Today marks a huge step forward for us, our customers and indeed the entire crypto currency space. The launch of our virtual card makes it easier than ever to be a crypto currency insider. Our mission has always been to make crypto currency safe and easy to use for everyone – this is another milestone for us in this journey”

Being able to actually SPEND your bitcoin has long since been the last bastion of why crypto has been unable to break into the mainstream. With the launch of Zumo’s non-custodial virtual card, users can finally realise their finances like never before with the ability to spend in crypto or traditional currencies. Marketing Director, Amelie Arras said:

“Liberating the world of crypto to the everyday consumer is in our DNA – this moment is very much the realisation of that dream. With online spending skyrocketing during lockdown, we knew we had to make our product one which made the life of our users easier than ever. You can now do everything with the Zumo app that you do with your traditional bank account when browsing the web ”

“Safe, simple and secure is the core of the brand’s purpose – and that’s exactly what this new launch is all about making happen for our users!” – Nick Jones, CEO



Zumo is available for download on both iOS and Android app stores

Zumo is the digital wallet and payments platform that makes your money and cryptocurrency work seamlessly together. Our non-custodial smart wallet, housed on the Zumo App, uses the power of blockchain technology to give consumers the safest and simplest way to buy, store, send and spend cryptocurrencies and traditional money. And through our B2B payments platform, ZumoPay, and SDK, ZumoKit, we are developing enterprise solutions for merchants and our partners in developing markets.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2018 by entrepreneurs Nick Jones and Paul Roach, we are a purpose-driven Fintech business with transparency, accessibility and financial inclusion at our core. We want to bring the benefits of smart money to everyone. And after Covid-19, we want to bridge the gap to a better way of dealing with money. Zumo is not elitist. It’s not exclusive. It’s not only for the one percent.

Our staff are based in locations across Scotland, London and Slovenia. We are FCA approved; partners with WasteAid; members of CryptoUK and support the UN Global Compact.