Asset Managers

Embracing a tokenised world

As an asset manager, you’re familiar with your clients’ demands to be able to get exposure to digital assets. But you also know that, at the fund level, the supply of trusted, fit-for-purpose solutions falls far short of demand. You want to give your clients what they want, but you have to do it in a way that will work for you.

Harnessing a new asset class

As digital assets mature – as the range of available investment vehicles expands, operational questions are clarified, and market liquidity deepens – so too does the viability of investment at scale via bitcoin ETFs, blockchain ETFs and high-grade institutional digital asset investment platforms.

Through Zumo, we offer the opportunity to harness some of the opportunities and possibilities that come with the emergence of an entire new asset class.

Digital assets are democratising finance – and that means new clients, new demand and innovative new ways to deliver investment solutions. From digital asset custody to tokenised financial products, we work with you to deliver the investment products of tomorrow.


Benefit from partnerships with best-in-class custody providers for institutional-grade digital asset custody for your institutional digital asset platform

Leverage modular, blockchain-agnostic infrastructure to build bespoke asset management digital asset offerings

Access guidance and support on tokenised financial products


Enabling Europe’s first ESG-aligned spot Bitcoin ETF

Celebrating a significant milestone in digital asset investing: A case study on launching the next wave of ESG-aligned digital asset investment products.

Our team of experts are here to provide guidance to set up, launch and scale your digital asset solution.