Our strength comes from the impact we can make on people’s lives. Learn more about Zumo's journey to drive decarbonisation in our business and industry and how we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals in our 2023 ESG report.

After a tumultuous year for the industry in 2022, 2023 was a year of collective realisation of the role of environmental consciousness, corporate responsibility and good governance in a future-proofed and long term successful digital asset sector. 


Zumo made notable progress in these areas in the calendar year 2023.


As we continue to build out intelligent infrastructure for a sustainable, compliant digital asset future – and as we evolved to become a B2B focused as-a-service provider – it is clearer than ever that the enabling solutions we provide must embed sustainability considerations as an integral part of any cryptoasset offering. A highlight of the year was launching Oxygen to the wider market as that solution. Oxygen is the world’s first comprehensive solution for tackling the carbon footprint of digital assets and will enable Zumo’s clients, including banks and asset managers, to provide ESG-aligned, future-proofed digital asset offerings to their customers.   


It was also a year of securing compliant routes to market. I’m pleased to say that Zumo remains at the forefront of compliance-first solutions in the UK market, alongside our strategic exploration of other promising geographies. In 2023, important work was undertaken to operationalise compliance requirements including the Travel Rule for cryptoasset transfers, and the extension to cryptoassets of financial promotions regulation, with Zumo becoming the first digital asset platform to integrate the tech-based requirements of the incoming regime.   


UK regulatory alignment is a top priority at Zumo and this is achieved by open communication and transparency with the regulators in all incremental steps that we take. Our platform has been engineered with a focus on compliance and sustainability, positioning Zumo as a digital asset partner the UK market can have faith in. 


As our industry grows, so too its impact on our society and our world. We continue to work with standards bodies, with policy makers and with regulators to ensure that the sector can realise its fullest potential and deliver a future that creates opportunities, protects people and leaves a positive impact on our planet.


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