Cryptocurrency Security and Compliance

The technology underpinning Zumo Enterprise has been built to align with the most robust requirements and best practice, both security and regulatory.

As a business that has prioritised full regulatory compliance from the outset, we understand how important it is to get these things right, and we build with a view to long-term sustainability and the future-proofing of all the technology and solutions we offer.

Regulation and infrastructure

FCA registration

In the UK, businesses conducting cryptoasset activity must register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Today, the technology and infrastructure underpinning the Zumo platform already powers sister entity Zumo Financial Services, which has reached some 60,000 end customers and is one of the select number of firms registered with the FCA as a fully compliant cryptoassset business. For our enterprise clients, we can leverage this practical experience to sit down with you and walk you through the options available and best suited to your business.

Customer onboarding

In line with the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) remit of FCA supervision, we can help you draw on our established KYC and counterparty due diligence onboarding relationships and partnerships to streamline your own customer onboarding and help you comply fully with all your obligations.

Transaction monitoring

Careful transaction monitoring is a key component of ongoing AML/CTF compliance. Leveraging our own experience and working relationships, we can advise you on the specialist tools and processes needed to monitor the activity on your platform and ensure your business is compliant – and stays that way.


Protecting data

Security is baked into our products. Our partnership with leading payment data security & compliance infrastructure providers helps us achieve the very best data security and compliance standards in our products – while still maximising flexibility and functionality.

Verifiable solutions

We believe in exposing ourselves to proper scrutiny – don’t trust, verify. As part of that commitment, our infrastructure undergoes regular independent external audits by recognised experts in cyber security and risk mitigation.

Maximum transparency

For those wishing to find out more for themselves about the Zumo solution, all of our technical documentation is publicly hosted for consultation, and may be found by visiting

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