Fintech Fringe 2024

London, 10 - 13 June

Where to find us?

On stage

10 - 13 Jun
PST 13.30 - 17:30

Join Zumo at Fintech Fringe 2024 in London to discuss your digital asset strategy. Our CFO and Deputy CEO, Devina Paul, and our Sales and Marketing Director, Amelie Arras, will be speaking on stage.


Meet us at this leading event featuring a practitioner-led format, providing pragmatic insights specifically tailored for scaling fintech enterprises.


If you’re developing your digital asset strategy, book a meeting to discuss innovative ways to boost revenue from retail customers.

How to Maximise B2B Scale: Targeting the Right Customers - Panel Session

Devina Paul | CFO & Deputy CEO, Zumo | 10. Jun, 13:30 - 17:00

Our CFO and Deputy CEO, Devina Paul, will participate in a panel session about maximising B2B scale. Moderated by David Beer, Global Head of Enterprise Solutions at COGO, Devina will discuss strategies with Joanne Dewar from Project Nemo and Jordan Bishop, Finance Director at Currensea. This panel will focus on strategies for fintech businesses, especially those operating in B2B and B2B2C models, to expand their market by aligning their product offerings with the demands of contemporary consumers, focusing on financial inclusion, sustainability, and accessibility.

Navigating the Fintech Marketing Regulatory Minefield! - Fireside Chat

Amélie Arras | Sales and Marketing Director, Zumo | 12. Jun, 16:35 - 17:30

Our Sales and Marketing Director, Amélie Arras, will discuss navigating the fintech marketing regulatory minefield in a fireside chat moderated by Zhenya Winters, alongside Lucy Heavens, VP of Marketing at Salv. They will cover the latest regulatory environment in the crypto and banking sectors, share their personal stories, and discuss best practices.


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