Fintech Fringe

London, 12 June

Zumo is thrilled to be invited to participate at Fintech Fringe 2023. This four-day event, taking place across multiple venues in London, is the perfect opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate with leaders of high-growth fintech scaleups.

Fintech Fringe 2023 brings together fintech founders, investors, and experts to share knowledge and discuss the UK market’s current state and growth opportunities. These sessions will focus on supporting fintech scaleup.

The Zumo team, represented by our CFO Devina Paul, will be there to share our insights and experiences. Find out more below.


Scaling lessons from successful fintechs

Devina Paul | Chief Financial Officer, Zumo

Devina will share her valuable insights into the scaling strategies that have led Zumo to success in the fintech industry. The session will delve into the the characteristics of a successful fintech in high growth mode, with a particular focus on building resilient business in the UK and how building inclusive products can be impactful.


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