Money20/20 Europe 2023

Amsterdam, 07 - 09 June

The place where global fintech communities do business is back. Get ready to connect at Money20/20 Europe 2023 with fintech’s boldest and brightest voices to delve into the challenges of right now and shape together what comes next for the money ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

Grab your sit at Money20/20 Europe as Zumo take a place on stage to present its pioneering initiatives to decarbonise digital assets.

There will be many opportunities to meet our team, and if you’re working on your digital asset strategy, book a to chat how we can help you unlock the infinite potential of web3 consumer experiences. 

Fireside chat

Nurturing a more climate-conscious crypto sector

Kirsteen Harrison | Environmental Manager, Zumo

Join Kirsteen as she chats with World Economic Forum's fellow Cathy Mulligan, to discuss how we can create a sustainable future for DeFi. This is a case study to follow up on the fireside ‘Decarbonising Crypto’ session on the rock and roll stage last year. The case study will highlight how to turn a challenge (climate) into an opportunity, as well as how fintechs and financial institutions can benefit from crypto solutions whilst still aligning with their net zero principles.


A world of borderless payments….What does it even look like?

Devina Paul | CFO, Zumo

The value of cross-border payments are predicted to top more than $250 trillion before the end of the decade. Since 2017 alone, when the value of these payments was $150 trillion, the pace of innovation has been relentless. As we think about the next phase of innovation, the world around has demonstrated even more accurately the need for truly borderless payments that still require a degree of…’borders’. So what is a truly borderless payment then? And how far away are we?

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