• Zumo has announced a further commitment of £3,000 to support the work of charity WasteAid in its pursuit of building a cleaner and healthier future.

Continuing its long-standing partnership with global environmental charity WasteAid, Zumo has announced a further commitment of £3,000 to support the work of the charity in its pursuit of building a cleaner and healthier future.

Speaking about his commitment to the charity, Zumo CEO Nick Jones said:

“It’s our pleasure and privilege to support the incredible work being carried out by the WasteAid team. Their efforts in fighting poverty, pollution and climate change are leading the way to a brighter future for people everywhere, a future that we at Zumo firmly believe in helping to secure. Crypto as an industry is one which has a long way to go to becoming a green player on the world stage… It’s our hope that we can be a forerunner in reducing the negative environmental impact that crypto has on the world.

Practically speaking, the WasteAid team have given invaluable support to Zumo over the years, most recently helping us around the sustainability of our soon-to-launch debit card.

The future holds some truly exciting developments for Zumo and WasteAid, with an ambition for us to integrate microdonations directly into our platform, allowing users to support WasteAid directly in-app by rounding up purchases they make online.”

Kirsteen Harrison, Environmental and Sustainability Advisor to the Zumo board said:

“The future of how crypto impacts the environment isn’t something brands in the space can ignore – we need to own the problems in front of us and be part of a collective solution. That’s why at Zumo we’re dedicated to becoming a player that works towards positive change.”

To mark Earth Day 2021, the WasteAid team will be launching a donation drive in partnership with The Big Give, to support partners in lower-income countries to deliver inclusive and sustainable waste management. By donating to this campaign, WasteAid supporters are having a positive impact on the prevention of marine plastic pollution and climate change emissions, as well as promoting safe and sustainable jobs in the green economy.

About WasteAid

  • WasteAid is a leading international development organisation on a mission to tackle the global waste crisis. 2 billion people do not have their waste collected and 3 billion lack a decent disposal site, leading to the spread of disease and polluting the air, land, rivers and oceans.
  • WasteAid works with communities in low-income countries to address the root causes of climate change and marine plastic pollution.
  • WasteAid shares waste management knowledge and skills with governments and communities in low-income countries; trains people to become self-employed recycling entrepreneurs; and influences decision-makers and the donor community to increase investment in waste management.