Launched in partnership with Fintech Talents, the Route to Crypto Acceptance Report powered by Zumo features insights from leading voices from the UK top Financial Institutions.

It’s remarkable to see how much a conversation can change over time. And, as the perspectives in the Route to Crypto Acceptance Report go to show, here is one conversation that is most certainly changing.

Today’s debate is not if this technology will impact the world – it is how.

Ahead of the Fintech Talents Festival in London, we partnered with the team at Fintech Talents to launch the The Route to Crypto Acceptance Report.

The report features insights from leading financial institutions including Plum, Barclays, ING, AvaTrade and Zumo.

While the opportunities to integrate crypto may be many, the strands of an effective approach identified by the contributors in the report are not.

Crypto acceptance – the drivers, barriers and use cases: key learnings include:

  • The business drivers behind crypto acceptance
  • The use cases for crypto, beyond payments, both in the near and longer term
  • What providers identify as the barriers to implementing crypto acceptance
  • The thinking around regulation and environmental issues
  • The role partners play in supporting a roadmap to crypto acceptance

It’s still early, but it is here. How will your business adapt?

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