• Our Sustainability Pledge
  • Net Zero Strategy
  • Decarbonising Crypto

In line with our values, we will:

Unshakeable Commitment

  • As a minimum, protect the environment, prevent pollution, and meet our compliance obligations. We will do this through careful selection of suppliers, partners and products, using circular economy principles, and low carbon options where possible.
  • Commit to climate neutrality for our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from inception of the company, whilst acknowledging that the carbon footprint of some blockchains is far more significant than our own footprint (see ‘Love the Adventure’)*.

Inclusion Inspires

  • Seek to ensure that our decisions and actions benefit people and planet.
  • Involve all employees in decision-making and encourage our staff to help us to push boundaries.
  • Further nurture and develop our WasteAid partnership, including fundraising, raising awareness and making donations to support WasteAid.

Transparency Wins

  • Act in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, reinforcing our commitment to these by being a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the SME Climate Commitment, and reporting progress annually.
  • Work towards achieving B Corps certification to challenge us further and to provide transparency through a trusted 3rd party certification.

Love the Adventure

  • Seek to push boundaries. Zumo’s direct environmental impact is currently limited, but the electricity consumption of some blockchains is significant. We will seek sustainable solutions where possible, and work collaboratively to push the sector to reduce its carbon footprint via Zumo’s Net Zero Strategy and as a proud signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord.
  • All of our staff and contractors have a duty to ensure that this policy is complied with. However, responsibility for ensuring that the policy is fully implemented lies with the CEO.
Nick Jones CEO, Founder 20/07/2022
Nick Jones
Paul Roach CPO, Founder 20/07/2022
Paul Roach
Our three-pillar commitment


Climate neutral for Scope 1, 2, & 3


Climate neutral for Scope 1, 2, & 3


Our users' interaction with cryptocurrencies and blockchains


Our users' interaction with cryptocurrencies and blockchains


Collaborating with the wider ecosystem


Collaborating with the wider ecosystem

Sustainability flower
Zumo the company

Ever since we were founded, we’ve committed to being climate neutral for our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

  • This includes business travel, staff commuting, teleworking, purchased goods and services, capital goods, and downloading and use of the Zumo App.
  • We will achieve this by avoiding emissions where possible, reducing the remaining emissions as far as possible, and offsetting any residual emissions using a certified scheme.
Zumo and the blockchain

We will develop ways to engage our users, address the indirect emissions of our crypto holdings, and strategically align ourselves with blockchains that have lower energy use by design.

  • We’ve identified and will continue to investigate the best ways to neutralise the carbon footprint of crypto holdings and transactions.
  • We will look to connect more energy-efficient and sustainable blockchains within Zumo products.
  • We will inform and engage our customers relating to the electricity usage of blockchains (see our Decarbonising Crypto page for further information about our work in this area).
  • We will include key targets and metrics in this area as the strategy develops.
Zumo and the wider ecosystem

Zumo is a signatory to both the Race to Zero’s SME Climate Commitment and the Crypto Climate Accord. We are actively engaged in supporting the Crypto Climate Accord, and we commit to working with industry partners to engage in knowledge sharing and help drive down the carbon footprint of our industry.

As a signatory of the SME Climate Commitment, we commit:

  • To halve our greenhouse gas emissions before 2030;
  • To achieve net zero emissions before 2050 (Zumo’s own ambition is to achieve this by 2030); and
  • To disclose our progress on a yearly basis.

As a signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord, we commit:

  • To achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption associated with crypto-related operations by 2030; and
  • To report progress toward this net-zero emissions target using best industry practices.

Decarbonising Crypto: Towards practical solutions

Set against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving and maturing industry, growing regulatory interest and fierce public scrutiny, the topic of energy consumption in crypto is as prominent as it has ever been.

For practitioners, market participants and those wishing to educate themselves further about the topic, our latest ‘Decarbonising Crypto’ report offers a practical and solutions-focused survey of the current environment, drilling down into the outcomes of Zumo’s own ‘Zero Hero’ pilot implementation project and presenting a pragmatic, solutions-driven discussion of the frameworks we adopt today and the opportunities we look to embrace tomorrow.

Decarbonising Crypto - Toward Practical solution report Zumo Enterprise

Decarbonising Crypto: A state of play report

Kicking off the Zumo Decarbonising Crypto report series, Zumo’s 2021 state of play report united expert voices from across the sector to gather opinions and perspectives from solutions providers, industry participants and environmental research on key questions of methodology, benchmarking, collaboration and technology.

The goal: get to the facts of the polarised crypto decarbonisation discussion and provide the common base of understanding and shared point of departure for reasoned, nuanced discussions of the topic.

A recommended first read for those looking for an overview introduction to the decarbonising crypto debate.