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The ETF era: what comes next?
2 mins read
Nick Jones and Amelie Arras of Zumo join Jacobi Asset Management’s Oya Celiktemur to discuss bitcoin ETFs and the future of digital asset investing.
Digital asset diaries: February 2024
5 mins read
Stay informed and up-to-date with Zumo’s monthly recap of the latest developments in the dynamic world of digital assets.
Behind the headlines: Understanding the FCA’s recent actions regarding cryptoasset promotions
2 mins read
A short overview of what businesses should consider as the UK FCA ramps up financial promotions related actions.
Regulating cryptoassets Phase I (stablecoins): consultation response
21 mins read
Zumo feeds back to FCA discussion paper outlining proposed treatment for regulation of stablecoin assets in the UK.
Rising electricity demand in data centres, AI and crypto: a call to action for sustainable solutions
2 mins read
The International Energy Agency (IEA) delivers its verdict on the potential impact of future technologies including crypto and AI.
Zumo joins Grow London Global Cohort
2 mins read
Company is accepted into the prestigious Grow London Global Programme, setting sights on international expansion.
Cryptoasset sustainability disclosures in the EU: MiCA implementation response
41 mins read
Zumo feeds back on new proposed cryptoasset sustainability disclosures on the way in the EU.
Shaping the global blockchain landscape: GSMI 4.0
2 mins read
Zumo features in fourth Global Standards Mapping Initiative from the Global Blockchain Business Council.
The enterprise era? Categorising digital asset opportunities
4 mins read
How do companies, organisations and financial institutions assess emerging areas of opportunity within the global digital asset ecosystem?
Crossing the digital asset tightrope – how can the UK find the right regulatory balance?
4 mins read
How can we ensure the right regulatory approach that safeguards consumers without stifling innovation?
Unpacking the financial promotions regime
3 mins read
UK's FCA introduces its new cryptoassets financial promotions regime. Learn how Zumo is navigating this change and what it means for the industry's future —dive into the details on our latest podcast episode.
The next crypto boom: unlocking opportunities in institutional adoption
Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras visits the 2023 London Blockchain Finance Summit to explore the pillars and paradigms driving the digital asset future.
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