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The next crypto boom: unlocking opportunities in institutional adoption
Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras visits the 2023 London Blockchain Finance Summit to explore the pillars and paradigms driving the digital asset future.
Building a digital asset proposition with sustainability at its core
3 mins read
The world’s energy system is in crisis. Developing the capacity to deliver net zero over the next decade is set to become arguably the most important transition that humanity has ever made. Against this challenging backdrop, the decarbonisation of digital assets has become one of the most pressing challenges facing the nascent sector.
Zumo contributes to latest World Economic Forum Insight report
Working Group on Energy Usage releases practically focused guiding principles for the fast-growing blockchain industry.
The great Bitcoin divide
Misrepresentation and misinformation stand in the way of common progress on decarbonisation, writes Zumo Environmental and Sustainability Adviser Kirsteen Harrison.
Consultation: Environmental impact of crypto-asset and broader digital asset activity
3 mins read
Zumo's response to OECD's call for consultation on the environmental impact of crypto-asset and broader digital asset activity.
Report: Decarbonising crypto – Towards practical solutions
3 mins read
Set against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving and maturing industry, growing regulatory interest and fierce public scrutiny, the topic of energy consumption in crypto is as prominent as it has ever been. Download the report to find out practical solutions.
Report: Decarbonising crypto – where do we go from here?
3 mins read
A recommended first read for those looking for an overview introduction to the decarbonising crypto debate.
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