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Regulating cryptoassets Phase I (stablecoins): consultation response
21 mins read
Zumo feeds back to FCA discussion paper outlining proposed treatment for regulation of stablecoin assets in the UK.
Cryptoasset sustainability disclosures in the EU: MiCA implementation response
41 mins read
Zumo feeds back on new proposed cryptoasset sustainability disclosures on the way in the EU.
Shaping the global blockchain landscape: GSMI 4.0
2 mins read
Zumo features in fourth Global Standards Mapping Initiative from the Global Blockchain Business Council.
Finproms FAQs
5 mins read
What should you know now the UK financial promotions regime for cryptoassets has come into force? Zumo Head of Compliance Michael Johnson shares his thoughts on the way forwards for cryptoasset businesses wishing to serve the UK market.
Financial Promotions: Zumo’s detailed review of FCA’s latest guidance
9 mins read
Zumo feeds back on new consumer-targeted rules governing the promotion of cryptoassets.
HM Treasury consultation and call for evidence on crypto 2023
We appreciate the consultative spirit in which these proposals are put forward, and welcome the opportunity to feed in to the call for evidence by HM Treasury, Future Financial Services Regulatory Regime for Cryptoassets and help shape considered, proportionate guidelines to support the growth of the cryptoasset industry in the UK. 
Crypto Enquiry 2022 call for evidence, APPG
3 mins read
Zumo's response to the All-Party Parliamentary Groups call for evidence on the Crypto Enquiry 2022.
Consultation: Environmental impact of crypto-asset and broader digital asset activity
3 mins read
Zumo's response to OECD's call for consultation on the environmental impact of crypto-asset and broader digital asset activity.
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