Digital asset solutions you can trust

Banks have a tricky line to tread when it comes to digital assets. You know the consumer demand for banks offering digital assets is there – you can see the money flows for yourself. But still, you owe your customers a duty of care. And you see your customers getting burned on a variety of potentially poorly risk-managed external crypto platforms. What you need is a solution you can trust – and where you have a certain degree of control.

Sustainable finance

At Zumo, we understand the obligations you have towards your customers and the constraints regulated financial services businesses are operating under when it comes to banks offering digital assets. That’s why the approach we take is geared towards sustainability and the long-term – financially, operationally and, of course, from the environmental sustainability perspective as well. You have the customer base – we provide the infrastructure you need to integrate digital assets with confidence into your banking business.

Develop your digital asset strategy, and includes a carefully selected choice of digital currencies you want to make available on your platform

Opt for custody-only digital asset wallets to streamlined compliance challenges

Benefit from established infrastructure tried and tested with tens of thousands of end customers


Our team of experts are here to provide guidance to set up, launch and scale your digital asset solution.

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