• Zumo has been awarded the esteemed Crypto Company of the Year title at the Fintech Finance Awards 2023.

London, Wednesday 29th November – Zumo has been awarded the esteemed Crypto Company of the Year title at the Fintech Finance Awards 2023, a recognition that underscores its leadership and innovative approach in the digital asset domain.

The award, adjudicated by a distinguished panel comprising Suresh Vaghjiani, CEO of CLOWD9; Chris Skinner, The Finanser; Will Sorby, N26; Edward Cooper, Revolut; and Gemma Young Livermore, Seismic / Women of FinTech, highlights Zumo’s commitment to providing compliant and sustainable tech for financial institutions to roll out secure and trusted digital asset products to their customers.

Zumo’s mission, centred on providing a better planet for digital assets, encompasses a focus on compliance, sustainability, and broad accessibility via API.

Following its success in the UK, Zumo is now setting its sights on the UAE market. This strategic move aligns with the Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) ambition to establish itself as a global hub for regulated digital assets.

“Entering the UAE market is a strategic step for Zumo, reflective of our commitment to pioneering in regulated, sustainable digital asset spaces. The alignment with ADGM’s vision would position us at the epicentre of one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking digital asset markets in the world,” said Nick Jones, Zumo CEO.

In response to the climate concerns surrounding digital assets, Zumo launched ‘Oxygen’ in 2023. This initiative, tailored for financial institutions, helps tackle the scope 3 emissions linked with digital asset activities, placing Zumo at the forefront of environmental consciousness within the cryptoasset sector.

Further cementing its position as an industry leader, Zumo has been instrumental in aligning Jacobi Asset Management’s Spot Bitcoin ETF, the Jacobi FT Wilshire Bitcoin ETF, with net-zero principles. This development represents a significant milestone in digital asset investing, showcasing Zumo’s ability to drive innovation in this dynamic industry.

The award is a testament to Zumo’s ongoing commitment to a better future for digital assets, paving the way for a sector that is not only environmentally conscious but also widely accessible and compliant.