Nick Jones and Amelie Arras of Zumo join Jacobi Asset Management’s Oya Celiktemur to discuss bitcoin ETFs and the future of digital asset investing.

In January 2024, the world of finance witnessed a pivotal moment: the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval of 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs.


Two months on, this decision is already transforming the cryptocurrency landscape and the way investors engage with digital assets. Analysts had expected $14 billion of net inflows in the first year; in the event, the new cohort of ETFs have managed almost $12 billion in 9 weeks (11 Jan-13 March), with inflows peaking at over a billion in a day.


With total AUM in digital asset funds now exceeding the $100 billion mark, it is increasingly clear the significance this segment of the digital asset market will assume – as well as the need to make sure that such products are set up for sustainable growth.


In this Zumo podcast episode, Zumo Marketing Director Amelie Arras joins Zumo Co-Founder and CEO Nick Jones and Jacobi Asset Management Sales Director Oya Celiktemur to unpack some of the implications of Bitcoin ETFs, the routes to offering these kinds of products and the considerations providers need to have in mind.


Together, they discuss:


  • The journey of launching a Bitcoin ETF in Europe in 2023.
  • The critical importance of aligning cryptocurrency investments with net-zero principles.
  • Perspective and insights on the future of finance and cryptocurrency.


Tune in to the full episode here.