A win for the whole Zumo Team, as we receive the climate and environmental impact award at the Scottish Financial Technology Awards ceremony for our efforts to decarbonise crypto.

On the night of the 6th October 2022, the Zumo team attended the Scottish Financial Technology Awards in Edinburgh. The ceremony was hosted by Digit.fyi, Scotland’s leading technology media & events company dedicated to providing tech news, views, and opinions for IT & Digital professionals. Zumo was a finalist in three categories:


  • Fintech of the year award
  • International achievement
  • Climate and environmental impact


We are extremely honoured to be receiving the Climate and Environmental Impact award. Our mission is to bring the benefits of crypto to everyone, whilst protecting the future of our planet. This award means a lot to the Zumo team and the crypto industry.


The Climate and Environmental Impact Award


The Climate and Environmental Impact Award aims to recognise the organisation who has leveraged financial technology to drive positive outcomes for environment improvement, climate change and sustainability.


An encouragement on our journey to decarbonise crypto


First, it’s an encouragement for all of us at Zumo. We stand up to tackle an industry-wide issue with an innovative yet pragmatic approach. It is an encouragement to all of us that we’re on the right path, and shows the incredible work the whole team at Zumo is doing to find meaningful solutions to mitigate the climate impact of blockchain, and turn this industry challenge into an opportunity to support the global transition to renewables, faster.


A win for the crypto industry


Second, it is testimony to the fact that concrete action, backed by meaningful collaborations and data, are the way to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: climate change. It is a reminder that we’re all working toward the same goal of net zero emissions. Together we can achieve great things. So this award goes to all our partners (Crypto Climate Accord, Energy Web, Zero Labs, GDF) and people who help us along the way to help us in our mission to show the world how sector wide decarbonisation can be achieved.


Transparency is Zumo’s promise


On our journey to decarbonise crypto, we promise transparency. If you haven’t yet read our work, we have published two reports:


  1. The first “Decarbonising Crypto: where do we go from here?“ demystifies the debate around crypto and the environment and goes straight to the facts.
  2. The second “Decarbonising crypto: towards practical solutions“ provides the learning and methodologies from the pathfinder project Zero Hero. It also includes practical recommendations for the wider industry.


We’re only at the start of the journey. There is much more work to be done. We will be continuing our efforts to encourage the industry to lead on the transition to renewables.


The Zumo team thanks you again for your support.