Our strength comes from the impact we can make on people’s lives. Learn more about Zumo's journey to drive decarbonisation in our business and industry and how we support the UN Sustainable Goals in our 2022 ESG report.

ESG has in its time run the risk of becoming a belaboured term. But if there was one thing we learnt amidst the volatility of the digital asset industry in 2022, it was the need to find ways to be truly sustainable: environmentally, of course, and also in the way we conduct our business, and the values we live and present to the wider world.


It’s an ethos that has guided Zumo in its journey to date – and why sustainability in all its facets is a value we have aimed to embed at the core of the Zumo business from day one.


Today, we believe that the ESG imperative is clearer than ever:


  • We must drive decarbonisation in our business and in the wider digital asset sector – and be clear and transparent in how we document that journey.
  • We must commit to values-based principles and codes of conduct that govern the way we do business – both those we work with and those we serve.
  • And we must be diligent in setting the standards and building the operational resilience – good governance, regulation and trust – that supply the engine to succeed.


In that spirit, we are delighted to share with you today the inaugural Zumo ESG report documenting our business’s progress in these areas in the calendar year 2022, and reiterating our commitment to move-the-dial environmental action, fair and ethical business, and resilient operations and governance.


Recognising the scale of the journey still left ahead, we hope it serves as both a waymarker and public record of what we are doing and why we are doing it, as a business and as an industry.


Reaching the ultimate vision of harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology for all will rely on responsible, sustainable models of business, and we look forward to building on this foundation in the months and years to come.


— Nick Jones, CEO, Zumo