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Zumo is a digital asset as a service platform engineered with a focus on compliance and sustainability. It enables financial institutions and enterprises to effortlessly embed digital assets via a simple API, and unlock the potential of their brand in web3.

Zumo’s turnkey digital-assets-as-a-service platform offers a fast, flexible and efficient route to market, empowering fintechs, banks, asset managers and brands to offer their consumers the tools of the future simply and securely while also opening up new revenue streams, attracting new customers and supporting customer retention.


Amelie Arras
Marketing Director

Press releases

Zumo and GMEX ZERO13 collaborate on new carbon credit offering for banks and corporates
  • ZERO13, a GMEX Group initiative providing a digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, and Zumo, the B2B digital assets infrastructure, have announced a collaborative solution targeted at banks and their corporate and institutional clients who are looking to account for the carbon footprint of their digital assets and any aspect of their value chain.
Zumo breathes new life into the push to decarbonise digital assets at Money20/20 Europe
  • At Money20/20 Europe, Zumo launched Oxygen, the world’s first comprehensive decarbonising digital assets solution for financial institutions that offer digital asset products to their customers.
  • Zumo worked with its long standing partner, Zero Labs, to create the unique digital solution after being granted funding by the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK.
  • Oxygen further strengthens Zumo’s position as a global industry leader when it comes to the pressing issue of how to decarbonise the rapidly growing digital assets sector.
Zumo appoints data guru Vicky Byrom as Chief Data and Analytics Officer
  • An award-winning industry innovator with over 20 years’ experience delivering cutting-edge data and analytics projects, Vicky joins Zumo from payments fintech Modulr.
  • At Zumo, she will drive the development of Zumo’s data strategy, responsibly managing and governing the company’s data whilst also realising the full value of that data as a strategic asset.
  • Vicky’s appointment caps a strong year for Zumo, which has more than doubled its headcount over the past 12 months whilst launching a pioneering new B2B solution, strengthening its green credentials and picking up multiple industry awards.
Zumo joins World Economic Forum Crypto Sustainability Coalition
  • Cross-industry coalition formed to investigate how web3 and blockchain tools can be leveraged to achieve positive climate action.
Zumo receives government funding to continue crypto decarbonisation push
  • The crypto wallet and payments platform has recently completed its Zero Hero pathfinder project, buying renewable energy certificates to cover £1.5 million in bitcoin purchases and compensating for 850 MWh of electricity usage.
  • Headline findings are summarised in Zumo’s newly published report – ‘Decarbonising Crypto: Towards Practical Solutions’ – which also sets out methodologies and key learnings for the use of the wider industry.
  • Under the RenewableCrypto project, Zumo will now work with its partner, Zero Labs, to conduct further research into practical decarbonisation solutions, funded by the UK’s national innovation agency, Innovate UK.
Zumo appoints Clark Povey as Operations Director
  • With over 20 years’ experience of leading and transforming global operations, Clark will oversee Zumo’s operations, delivering the moments that matter in people’s crypto experience.
  • Clark is the latest in a series of senior hires for Zumo, which has doubled its headcount over the past year and, following the success of the Zumo App, recently launched Zumo Enterprise, the UK’s first full-stack B2B ‘Crypto-as-a-Service’ platform.
Zumo launches first full-stack B2B Crypto-as-a-Service platform
  • Zumo has launched Zumo Enterprise, the UK’s first full-stack B2B ‘Crypto-as-a-Service’ platform; an embedded solution that helps financial institutions and fintechs meet growing demand for crypto products and services whilst fulfilling a duty of care to their customers.
  • Zumo is an intelligent, compliant, ESG-aligned and modular solution that organisations can draw on to take what they need to build industry-leading crypto solutions quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Zumo Enterprise has been specifically built using the learnings from the success of Zumo App, the direct-to-consumer mobile application that has seen continued 25% month-on-month growth in its user base.
Zumo appoints Dagmara Aldridge as its first Chief People and Culture Officer
  • Dagmara will draw on neuroscience and Future of Work trends to transform the company’s HR practices.
  • Zumo’s new strategy focuses on the ‘Human’ element, as opposed to ‘Resources’, building a progressive ‘People’ function that celebrates people’s different skillsets, recognises their different needs and motivations, and promotes flexibility.
  • Zumo is also adopting a ‘hub-and-spoke’ office model to minimise it’s carbon footprint whilst still supporting the development of a strong company identity and culture.

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