Sustainable Blockchain Summit

Boston, 13 - 14 April

The Sustainable Blockchain Summit aims to drive projects that align the global economy with the natural world.

It’s bringing together experts and enthusiasts in Energy Systems, Carbon Markets, and Cryptoeconomics for discussions and networking.

Following on our participation in last year’s edition in Paris, we’re delighted to be sharing our expertise to explore ways to reduce the environmental impact of blockchains, use web3 tools to regenerate the natural world, improve governance to benefit those affected by climate change, and broaden our ambitions to include all planetary boundaries.

Decarbonising Crypto

Measure the impact of web3 systems, decarbonise them, and prove it.

Kirsteen Harrison | Environmental Manager, Zumo

We were delighted to be hosting a Decarbonising Crypto workshop to show how sector wise decarbonisation can be achieved. It showcased how we can measure the impact of web3 systems, deeply decarbonise them, and prove it! You can re-watch the session in YouTube below.


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