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Digital assets, sustainability and regulation: the new convergence
6 mins read
Live at SIBOS 2023 in Toronto, Zumo CEO Nick Jones sits down with Fintech Finance’s Editor in Chief Ali Paterson for a fireside chat about the converging strands of sustainability and regulation in the emerging blockchain and digital asset space.
Digital assets 101: preparing for SIBOS Toronto’s biggest discussions
5 mins read
In the bustling world of fintech, few topics have garnered as much attention as digital assets. As we edge closer to SIBOS 2023 in Toronto, the anticipation is palpable. Digital assets, once a niche subject, are now at the forefront of the global financial ecosystem, with the Toronto fintech scene a testament to their meteoric rise.
Spot bitcoin ETFs and the ESG digital asset landscape: considerations for using Renewable Energy Certificates
10 mins read
Dive into the world of RECs, digital assets, and the push for environmental responsibility in the digital asset space with a closer look at the use of RECs to account for digital asset electricity consumption.
Zumo at Sibos: a 2022 look back & what’s ahead for Sibos 2023
4 mins read
SIBOS, the global financial services conference, has long been a hub for innovative thinking. At SIBOS 2022, Zumo made its mark in a big way, and as we eagerly anticipate SIBOS 2023, let's take a step back and review the insights from the previous year and what's coming this year.
Financial Promotions: Zumo’s detailed review of FCA’s latest guidance
9 mins read
Zumo feeds back on new consumer-targeted rules governing the promotion of cryptoassets.
The future of ESG-aligned digital assets: A case study on Europe’s first spot bitcoin ETF
4 mins read
Zumo has proudly helped Jacobi Asset Management ​​align Europe's first spot Bitcoin ETF with net-zero principles, listed on 15th August on Euronext Amsterdam. This case study explores the details of this pioneering effort and showcases how Zumo can help other asset managers launch ESG-aligned Spot Bitcoin ETFs.
Understanding the use of NFTs and web3 in luxury brands’ business strategies
3 mins read
How are luxury brands thinking about leveraging the opportunities of NFTs and web3, and what challenges do they face?
Regenerate, not degenerate – blockchain’s central role in sustainable finance
4 mins read
Five ways blockchain-enabled solutions could help tackle the climate crisis and power the sustainable finance movement.
From values to actions: Zumo’s 2022 ESG report
2 mins read
Our strength comes from the impact we can make on people’s lives. Learn more about Zumo's journey to drive decarbonisation in our business and industry and how we support the UN Sustainable Goals in our 2022 ESG report.
Navigating the green future: blockchain and the fight against climate change
6 mins read
Zumo takes part in Central Bank of Hungary hosted discussion around global coordination on cryptoassets and climate change at Point Zero Forum 2023 in Zurich.
Point Zero Forum roundtable: Can blockchain transform SME financing?
6 mins read
Zumo inputs to Bank of Thailand exploration of SME financing via programmable money and tokenisation.
Money20/20 2023 highlights: Touring sustainable finance
4 mins read
Money20/20 2023 highlights an immense success for our team at Zumo, providing an opportunity to showcase our latest product, Oxygen, developed to assist financial institutions in decarbonising their digital asset activities. Our presence at Money20/20 focused on promoting sustainability and participating in important discussions on climate-conscious finance.
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